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We solve your operations problems. No hand-holding required.


Ops Optimized’s mission is to use our killer operations expertise to form the operational procedures and mechanisms that work best for you and your unique business.


We are your go-to guru for putting out fires, crushing chaos and keeping all internal processes running at peak performance.


We’re passionate about helping purposeful small businesses and startups like yours find their operational footing -- because let’s face it: you’re the ones that make our world a better place to live in.


Ops Optimized has intricate knowledge of the many multifaceted operational and business management challenges that entrepreneurs like you face on a daily basis. We combine relevant, actionable insight with effective task management to streamline and grow your business into the one you’ve always dreamed it would be.


Chiara Cammarata, Operations Whiz


Although I have lots of non-boring hobbies and interests (I promise!), I've worked in Operations for over 10 years. I gathered most of my operational expertise as Chief of Operations for a multi-unit, multi-business company and as Director of Operations of a corporate franchise.


My career has predominantly been working in startups, which as any entrepreneur well knows, often comes with massive, unexpected changes as well as extreme highs and lows. While I loved running the rollercoaster of operations inherent to startups, I didn’t always love the job insecurity of being a startup employee.


I founded Ops Optimized to take charge of my career while still being able to live my dream of helping other passionate, driven entrepreneurs to live theirs. I saw how often business owners were drained by trying to manage operational chaos instead of focusing on growing and marketing their business -- and I made it my professional mission to change that.


Throughout my years working in startups and small business, I've navigated many different job titles and accumulated some arbitrary yet helpful skills along the way, like:

  • Professional role-player - wearer of many hats

  • Staying calm under pressure (putting out hundreds of fires will chill you out eventually)

  • Gold Star badge-wearer of creating order out of chaos

  • Herder of stubborn felines

  • Deadline over-achiever

  • Checklist-making (and -demolishing) queen

I've been in your shoes and understand your struggles and stresses. I know you don’t have money to burn, so I won’t waste it, or your time. Drop me a line, and let's start growing your business together!