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We do the tedious behind-the-scenes stuff to save you time, money & make your business run smoothly.

Bringing order to your chaos

You’re a fearless entrepreneur with a rad vision. So why not focus on building the business you love instead of doing a million tasks you hate?

We’re here for that -- as little or as much as you need us to be.


Give us your tired, your weary, and your super-boring (not to us!) operations needs like payroll processing, recruiting, internal process development, bookkeeping and literally everything else related to OMG, How Am I Going To Make This Work? And then we’ll make it work.



Give us your tired, your weary, and your super-boring (not to us!) operations needs like internal process development & improvement, action plans, recruiting, payroll processing, bookkeeping and literally everything else related to OMG, How Am I Going To Make This Work? And then we’ll make it work.


Ops Optimized has years of experience efficiently managing the crazy number of operational moving parts behind startups and small businesses. We prepare for the unexpected and shift course seamlessly when it happens. You’ve got enough on your plate, so let us take care of:

  • Leading the day to day operations: We dive in and deliver on strategy from the planning process against your vision for the company

  • Establishing Systems + Processes for Smooth Workflow: Customer service revamping, employee on-boarding, training manuals, etc.

  • Action Plans that resolve internal glitches and problems

  • HR Staffing / Recruiting Assistance: Researching applications, pre-screening and interviewing to provide you with the most qualified candidates that fit your unique business culture

  • Vendor Sourcing and Contract Negotiation of Reliable, Quality and Affordable Companies

  • Budget Implementation

  • Payroll Processing

  • Miscellaneous Tasks that drive you nuts


What’s that? You’re trying to cover all the bases of getting your startup started? Or maybe you’ve got this huge project or new location build-out coming up? What a coincidence, we handle that, too! We’ll help you with:


  • Complete Startup Process Management - We give you the rundown & prioritize all you need to start your business - from setup and compliance regulation to hiring your first employee

  • Launching a New Internal Project - Need help with employee on-boarding? What about that customer service training program you’ve been meaning to get around to forever? We’ve got you!

  • Managing Construction Build-Outs - For grand openings of new locations, on-time and on-budget


Maybe you don’t love poring over spreadsheets or kicking back with a copy of Accounting Today. Dang, you just killed our weekend plans! But no worries, we can still do your:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Expense Categorization (General Ledger Management)

  • Monthly Reconciliation

  • Monthly Reporting / Financial Statements: Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet


Our monthly retainer services make sure you have ongoing coverage of our razor-sharp insight and expertise in:


  • Operations Management and/or Bookkeeping: Tell us the number of weekly or monthly support hours you need, depending on your workload and budget. Not sure how many hours that will be? No problem, we can book you for hourly, as-needed services to manage what comes up!

  • General Support: Choose how many hours you’ll need each month for our support services, good for a wide array of different business management / operations support areas


You know something’s off, but you don’t know quite what it is. Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin.


We can help you out there, too!

Afraid of commitment? Our pay-as-you-go services are designed to help you craft a customized operations strategy with clear, actionable solutions that help get your business on track faster than you can say, “I hate operations!”


Ops Optimized gives you the whole enchilada. We offer the sound, expert direction of a business consultant while also effectively executing ALL of your operational tasks. When you outsource your operational needs to us, you get the full benefits of an actual operations employee, but with the flexibility of time and budget.