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We’ve got the answers to your most pressing questions

1. Why should I outsource my operations stuff to you? 

We’re so glad you asked! There are 3 main benefits that come from outsourcing your tasks to Ops Optimized:  


Budget Break: You can set and control the budget only for the tasks you need to have completed. You won’t waste money on overhead or paying a salary to an employee who isn’t fully utilized.

Short-Term Project Flexibility: Maybe you just need help a certain short-term project and you’re not sure that the work will continue after it’s completed. It’s cool, you won’t hurt our feelings. And you won’t need to worry about hiring someone on without enough ongoing work to justify the position.

All-Inclusive Expertise: Specialized companies like ours have vast knowledge and experience in operations because we take on a wide range of projects spanning many different service industries. This way, we have a far more comprehensive understanding of operations -- and its considerable nuances -- than “siloed” contractors who only work in one particular area of operations management (finance, HR, bookkeeping, etc).

2. Do I need to be in San Diego to work with you? 

Nope! That’s one major benefit of outsourcing, and also a great benefit of the internet and technology in general (you know, kind of like infinite cat videos). Even if you’re not local to San Diego, we will accomplish all of your operations needs remotely and with the same level of success, dedication and efficiency as if you were right here in front of us. In special circumstances, we might need an in-person meeting, but we do travel!

3. What's the typical turnaround time for a project?

Every project is customized depending on the client’s specific needs. Upon consultation, we will determine the scope of work and all the details. Then we’ll provide a project timeline along with delivery date. We understand how important your project is, and we take pride in always meeting deadlines.

4. Can you guys really do all of the operations stuff that I hate? What makes you so knowledgeable in ALL of those different areas?

Absolutely we can. Operations covers such a wide range of business management strategies and tasks that by now, we’ve seen and done it all. We have over a decade of detail-obsessed, hands-on experience managing every expected and unexpected facet of startups and small businesses.

5. This all sounds amazing, but I don’t know if I can afford you. What do you usually charge?

We know money can be tight, and we respect that. That’s why we charge only on an as-needed basis, unlike so many of the “other guys.” Plus, we are super efficient at what we do, which gives you even more bang for your buck. Contact us for a custom quote on your project.

6. What industries do you work in? Would you know about mine?

Another amazing thing about Ops Optimized is that we’re not industry-specific. That means we serve virtually every type of business in the service industry, because the core of operations remains the same from business to business. Our clients range from financial companies to engineering firms to restaurant franchises. During the very first stage of our work together, we’ll get our hands dirty to thoroughly understand your business and its niche, its current processes (if any) and give solid recommendations from there.

7. I've been doing these operations things all along on my own. Can't I just continue doing that?

We don’t doubt that you rock, but is operations really your area of expertise? Can you say with absolute confidence that your business is running at full, smooth capacity? Or that you only spend a couple hours a week doing the tasks it takes to get it there? Do you have all the time you need to focus on growing your business and on your clients? If not, you’ll eventually get burned out and your business will stall. It can be super scary and hard to do, but the fact is that if you want your business to function properly and grow, you must delegate (to experts like us, of course!).

8. I’ve been holding off until I can hire a full-time operations employee.

Operations is the very core and structure of your business. It simply cannot wait to be managed effectively. And you certainly didn't get to this point in all of your hard work to let things fall through the cracks! We are those extra hands you so badly need, right now. Oh, and guess what? When the time comes, we can hire and train your full-time operations employee (or any other staff hire) so that you don't feel an ounce of stress.